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DIY Program

To order windows through our DIY program, you are responsible for sending in the final measurements, picking up the windows at our facility in Jenkins when they arrive, and installing the windows.

Our windows have a 1 inch flange that mounts to the outside surface of your openings. Your window openings must have at least 1 1/2 inches of mounting surface flush all the way around to accommodate for the flanges and to make adjustments to the window if necessary during installation.

Once it is determined that your openings are ready, send us your final measurements for ordering. We will send you drawings and specs of your entire order for your review along with your estimate. Please review carefully the specs and estimate and ensure all data is correct, (Window sizes, frame color, and door swing if there is a door on the order).

It is required to sign off on both documents before placing the order along with 100% payment.

It is highly recommended to visit us at our facility in the preliminary stages to ensure you have a solid understanding as to what is needed to prepare your openings for Sunspace windows and to make you comfortable and familiar with the product.

The DIY program means you are responsible for the entire project from start to finish.


For details on mounting requirements,

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For details on measuring, and installation 

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