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Wall Systems

Our under wall and porch conversion systems are custom made and delivered assembled to fit. Your choice of Weathermaster, Weathermaster Plus or full glass window systems combine stylish state of the art design with custom fitted panels making our conversion systems easy to install while reducing the need for special trades for installation.

  • transform your porch, under porch or deck

  • create a stylish, flexible & functional living area

  • design that offer transformable shelter options

  • no additional charge customisations

  • a custom fabricated fit that offers ease of installation

Patio Covers

A Sunspace Acrylic Roof is designed as a patio cover and a sunroom roof that will maintain high light transmission throughout the longevity of the product! Built Strong, it’s designed to offer protection from inclement weather and harmful UV rays, without blocking the natural light. Acrylic sheets are durable, 100% naturally UV stable and filter/soften harsh light. Sunspace Acrylic will retain 90% light transmission and clarity for 30 years, we guarantee it!

  • Superior energy savings and heat control

  • Filters Harmful UV rays without blocking natural Light

  • Highest light transmission

  • Even light distribution

  • Proven hail protection

  • Patented condensate control

  • Heaviest and most rigid panels

  • Non-shattering safety glazing

  • Integrated extruded aluminum gutter system

  • Strong enough to hold fans, lights and plants

  • Engineerd to support heavy snowloads

  • 30 year warranty againist yellowing

Model 200 - Weathermaster

Our most popular Sunroom! The Model 200 features versatile WeatherMaster Vertical 4-Track Vinyl Windows exclusively from Sunspace. Designed to combine the breezy, open air feeling of a Screen Room with the comfort, convenience and safety of an Enclosed Porch. Easily installed and ideal for porch conversions. Made with View Flex vinyl glazing that is more durable than glass and available in a variety of tints that lets you control the sunlight through infinitely adjustable windows; up to 75% ventilation.

model 200.jpg

Model 300 - 3 Season

model 300.jpg

Our 3 Season sunroom is a bright addition to any home, constructed from sturdy 2" extruded aluminum with single glazed glass provides strength, stability and a virtually maintenance free exterior. Aluminum framed double roller windows offer ventilation from either side of the window and this flexible design is suited for roof styles ranging from cathederal ceilings, conteporary studio, over deck to carport enclosures.

Model 400 - Insulated

The Model 400 features high density foam insulated walls that keep your living space warm and comfortable, 3" Aluminum extrusions offer strong support against winds and potential snow loads. Extrusions for the Model 400 have commercial grade thermal breaks reducing condensation and heat loss. High Efficiency Glass with Low-E Argon adds further protection from the elements.

model 400.jpg
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