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Sunspace Installation vs. DIY

Trusting our team of Sunspace professionals to install your windows comes with all of the benefits, and none of the headaches. With our Sunspace team providing installation, we assist on the project from start to finish. 


We will come visit your site for evaluation to figure out what needs to be done. If there are any issues on the existing structure that would prohibit Sunspace Windows to be installed, we will go through all of that with you before hand and advise on what needs to be modified to ensure the installation is seamless. Once the openings are ready, we will do all of the final measuring to ensure sizing is correct.

When we come to install your windows, we will walk through all of the basic functions of the window, how to operate, tip and tricks for cleaning, etc., to ensure that when we leave your site, you are 100% comfortable with how the product works and how it needs to be maintained.

If you decide to go the DIY route, click here to learn more about what you need to do to place your order.

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